a s o c i a t i a  r o m a n a  a  i n t e r p r e t i l o r  d e  c o n f e r i n t a

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The Romanian Association of Conference Interpreters (ARIC)is meant to meet an acute twofold need: on one hand, the conference interpreters in Romania consider it imperative to gather in a professional association that should represent them in their relations with potential beneficiaries (conference organisers, governmental or non-governmental institutions, etc.) as well as with similar bodies from other countries and with the AIIC, whose tradition, professional conduct, and good practice are widely acknowledged. On the other hand, ARIC can also enable all those interested to obtain useful and updated information about the nature of interpreting or about the professional profile of its members, conference interpreters. The Code of Ethics for Professional Conduct stipulates the basic principles and rules of conference interpreting practice under rigorous conditions of quality and confidentiality. The main goal of the association is to raise awareness among state authorities about the importance and significance of interpreting in the present context where Romania has been an unswerving candidate for NATO and EU membership. The contribution of each interpreter to the success of a conference translates into a correct and appropriate rendition of the speaker?s message.This task is of vital importance in a public event.